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Urine Analyzer

Urine Analyzers come in handy for determining the number of proteins, bilirubin, red blood cells and glucose present in urine of patients. Quick analyzing mode of these pathological or medical apparatus reduces workload and minimizes human effort. Available in 320mm x 300mm x 120mm size, these analyzers have 60 samples to 120 samples in every hour ( depending on operating mode).These machines tend to react within 60 seconds. These ergonomically developed systems can store maximum 4000 test results and can display test data on their LCD screen. Utilization of three different wavelength for measurement, maximum 240 v AC power requirement and maximum 30 degree C operating temperature are the unique features of these Urine Analyzers.

Urit 50 Urine Analyzer

Product description: - Up to 120 T/H. FDA approved 510 (K) No. K082811. Up to 14 parameters including Cr, Ma, Ca, VitC and ACR. Barcode reader optional.
Price: 32000 INR/Piece

Mission U120 Smart Urine Analyzer

  • Use:lab, hospital
  • Weight:2.6Kg Kilograms (kg)
  • Portable:yes
  • Equipment Type:urine Analyzer
  • Condition:New
  • Operating Type:Semi-Automatic
Price: 40000 INR/Piece

Urit 330 Urine Analyzer

Product description: - Friendly operation with four shortcut keys Easy to installation and maintenance Fully automatic operation for ready-to-use
Price: 32000 INR/Piece

UC 32A Urine Analyzer

Product description: - 80 T/H Auto-recognize strip type Color screen with physical button Palm size with 2x AA batteries
Price: 23000 INR/Piece

Urit 1600 1280 Automatic Urinalysis Analyzer

Fully automatic urinalysis system consistsof URIT-1600, URIT-1280, connecting bridge, work station. Proficiency and efficiency in urinalysis inthe most convenient way; Adopting the most advanced image captureand multi-core parallel processing technique.
Price: 450000 INR/Piece

Abbott Uro Color 10 Urinalysis Test Strips

Product Description: - Clear positive and negative results Checks for interference in glucose, blood, bilirubin and nitrite by ingested Vitamin C Accurate results in about 60 seconds
Price: 575 INR/Box

Urit 180 Urine Analyzers

Product description: - Up to 120T/H. Up to 14 parameters including Cr, Ma, Ca, VitC and ACR. Friendly operation with large LCD screen.
Price: 32000 INR/Piece

US 2000 Urinalysis Analyzer

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
Price: 600000 INR/Piece

US 1680 Libre Urinalysis Analyzer

Product description: - World First Al-Libre Urinalysis Analyzer Compact, all in one design 300 T/H for chemistry analysis 120 T/H for sediment analysis
Price: 498000 INR/Piece

URIT 560 Urine Analyzer

Product description: - Up to 600T/H Up to 14 parameters including Cr, Ma, Ca, VitC and ACR; CIS detectors, faster and more accurateresults;
Price: 56000 INR/Piece

UC 58 Semi Automatic Urine Analyzer

Product description: - Up to 550 T/H 7-inch extra 50% resolution sensitive touch screen Available from 1 to 14 parameters including CR, MA, CA, VitC Real strip image display
Price: 55000 INR/Piece

Urit 500C Urine Analyzers

Product description: - World first semi-automatic Al-Libre Urinalysis Analyzer Compact, two in one design Al technology (CNN, deep learning)
Price: 56000 INR/Piece

US 500 Libre Urinalysis Analyzer

Product description: - world first semi-automatic Al-Libre Urinalysis Analyzer Compact, two in one design Al technology (CNN, deep learning)
Price: 450000 INR/Piece

Urit 500B Urine Analyzer

Product description:- FDA approved 510 (K) No. K082811 Excellent throughput, up to 520 ï/; Touch screen operation; Up to 14 parameters including Cr, Ma, Ca, VitC and ACR;
Price: 55000 INR/Piece

Benecheck Uric Acid Strips

Benecheck strips (Pack of 25 strips) Each box of 25 individual strips
Price: 1188 INR/Piece

Benecheck Plus Uric Acid Meter

This system enables you to check your total cholesterol, blood glucose and uric acid in one meter. This fast, accurate, and powerful system helps you to check your health easily using its expert multi-functions.
Price: 4100 INR/Piece

Semi Automatic Transasia Laura SMART Compact Urine Strip Reader

  • Real-Time Operation:Yes
  • Portable:yes
  • Weight:0.8kg Kilograms (kg)
  • Use:lab, hospital
  • Equipment Type:urine Analyzer
  • Condition:New
  • Dimension (L*W*H):230 x 127 x 110 mm Millimeter (mm)
Price: 58000 INR/Piece

Transasia Laura Semi Automated Urine Analyzer

  • Use:lab, hospital
  • Weight:5 Kg Kilograms (kg)
  • Portable:yes
  • Real-Time Operation:Yes
  • Operating Type:Semi-Automatic
  • Dimension (L*W*H):430 x 290 x 170 mm Millimeter (mm)
  • Voltage:90-230V
Price: 59000 INR/Piece

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