Medical Test Kit
Medical test kits are used for testing metabolites, electrolytes and also for diagnosis of hepatitis B. These kits are also effective in determining status of cancer affected cells for early prevention purpose. These test kits have 24 months of shelf life.
Blood Pressure Machine
Blood Pressure Machines are useful for early detection of high blood pressure and also to initiate proper treatment to avoid further complications. Powered by battery, these machines have large memory for storage of up to 300 measurement results.
Hematology Analyzer
Hematology analyzers are instrumental in calculating blood count, in conducting coagulation test etc. Large memory of these analyzers enables these to store test results for long period. High output, long life span and consistent performance are their main aspects.
Urine Analyzer
Urine Analyzers are useful to determine bilirubin count, protein number, glucose level and red blood cells from urine sample. These apparatus can  analyze maximum 120 samples  per hour to denote their high output. Being highly sensitive, these react within 60 seconds.
This collection of digital thermometers can be availed in different design and measurement mechanism based choices. These user friendly temperature measurement instruments have high accuracy level. Ergonomic appearance and reasonable price are their main aspects.
Clinical Chemistry Reagents
Clinical chemistry reagents are used for biochemical analysis of different sorts of body fluids. Available in liquid form, these reagents have up to 6 ph value. These can be stored at maximum 30 degree C temperature. Standard shelf life is one of their main aspects.
Medical Nebulizer
Medical Nebulizers are used for administering medicines in mist form to deal with breathing problem of asthma patients. Air compressor based mist delivering method is one of the main aspects of these nebulizers. These products maintain up to 1.45 bar of air pressure.
Diabetes Glucometer
Diabetes Glucometers are useful to determine glucose level in blood. With having large memory, these apparatus can store 50 test data. Available in different diameter, operating temperature range and memory capacity based choices, these apparatus have long life span.
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Offered medical diagnostic equipments have significant role in early diagnosis of various ailments.  Managed by energy efficient batteries, these apparatus provide accurate test results. Advanced features, long life span and ergonomic look are the key aspects of these equipments.
Biochemistry Analyzer
Biochemistry Analyzers are well known for their ergonomic look and error free test result. Equipped with LCD display screen, these analyzers are appreciated for their energy efficient mechanism, long service life and error free mechanism. Offered analyzers are user friendly.
ECG Cardiart
ECG Cardiart systems have significant role in determining electrical activities of heart. These user friendly medical apparatus can store 800 ECG results. Driven by rechargeable NiMH/Li-ion battery, these systems have consistent operation.

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